Our ultimate goal is to produce safe and effective products for all. We pay highest priority on health and well-being of our patients. We constantly evaluate safety and have established processes in place to monitor signals and events as well as to identify cause-effect relationships. This includes the collection of information about any side effects that patients experience while being treated with our products. If you experience an adverse effect from one of our product, inform your healthcare provider and then report it to us. This helps us to track the safety of our medicines.


Report even if:

  • You are not certain the product caused adverse event.
  • You don’t have all the details.

Who can report?

  • All healthcare professionals (Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists etc.)
  • Non healthcare professionals (Patient, relatives, friend etc.)

How to report?

  • Please fill the sections that apply to your report.
  • Attach additional pages if required (laboratory and diagnostic test reports etc.)
  • Use a separate form for each patient and event.

Mandatory Fields for ADR Reporting: Patient details, adverse event identified, date of AE, suspected medication, reporter details and date of reporting.


All the information and personal data shared with us will be kept confidential. The information provided will be used for the purpose of drug safety monitoring and enables us to deal with event appropriately. Moreover, submission of the report does not imply that medical personnel or manufacturer or the product contributed to the reaction.

Where to report?

To report an Adverse Drug Event about National Healthcare products, click the button.

You can also download ADR Reporting Form, fill the details and email us at


Send ADR Reporting Form on below address:

National Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.,

Chhatapipra-3, Bara, Nepal.

Phone No.: +977-51-580236, +977-51-580508

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